So what is all this “Social Media” Blah Blah Blah

Twitter, Tweet, tweeple, tweetdeck, hashtags, facebook, update, like, dislike, blog, followers, following, friend, unfriend, tag, mention, @reply, networking, connecting, IRL, FTW, IMO…..

Heard a few of these terms? ll of them? NONE of them? Welcome to the world of Social Media. Before we start, lets separate Social Media with Mainstream Media. Mainstream Media (MM) consists of a one way conversation; the radio, tv, newspaper, or website SCREAMING “LOOK AT ME, BUY ME.. ” but when you have a question, the air goes dead silent. Social Media (SM) is about………. Drum roll please: being SOCIAL. There’s the basic difference that makes all the difference.

Anyone who has been in business for themselves or had a sales/marketing job knows that a consumer will buy a product or service for some or all of three reasons. 1) They like the product/service 2) They like the price of the product/service 3) They TRUST the person who they are buying from. This is where SM gets traction and blows MM out of the water. If someone is a fan of your page or a follower on twitter, or a subscriber to your blog or youtube channel, odds are they already like the product or the price! Now to complete the trifecta all one needs to do is engage, interact and get to know their customers while the customer gets to know YOU. YOU the person, YOU the company, YOU the brand.

All the while someone is getting to know you, they are also beginning to trust you. When someone trusts you (you, company, or brand), you have suddenly decimated your competition! If your customer knows you and knows nothing about the company next door, which door will they open and which one will they walk past?

Additionally, you are building equity into a reserve you hope you never have to use…. That’s the Mr. Murphy reserve fund. If or when something bad happens, I would hope that I have invested in the relationship between the customer and myself (me, company, brand), that I will be given an honest chance to correct the problem. If there isn’t trust, chances are I won’t know that something needed to be corrected until it is far too late to save that customer from going elsewhere.

Here are a couple tips that should help you in your endeavor towards taking your business from small town to BIG TIME:

1) Google alerts. they are your 24/7/365 watchdog. If and when something good OR bad is said about you, you have the opportunity to correct it.

2) Relationships and Trust are king in today’s market. Be sure that you are actively talking to current clients and future clients. Simple conversations will amount to great relationships down the road.

3) be honest. One thing people online loathe more than anything is an impostor. If you aren’t genuine, it will show. If you make a mistake, own it. If you have a mission statement, proclaim it.

Best of luck to you all out there!


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