Pricing Packages are Established

As word of our business has spread and more and more customers are interested in knowing how to get the most out of social media for their business we’ve recognized a need to have at least a basic structure for our pricing as opposed to an a-la-carte menu of services.  While we are still very flexible in our services we now have a “frame” of services and pricing available for you to review and choose a service package for your business.

You can see the pricing schedule here on our Pricing Page.  Be sure to check out the hot deals we are offering from now through the end of August!

Happy socializing!


Social Media Butterflies Helps to SAVE THE TA-TAS!

For those of you who don’t know, Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause near and dear to Justin & Jessica’s hearts. Justin’s grandmother and aunt are both breast cancer survivors as are many of his friends, clients, and acquaintances from northern California.
Recently Justin placed himself in the talented hands of Allison Elliott (Makeup artist), Melissa Bechtel (Hair designer), and Jessica Hanna (Photographer) of Hanna & Co. to make a very clear statement about his support for breast cancer awareness, check out the results:

And last, but not least, be sure to partake & enjoy this video compiled & posted by Hanna & Co.

A big thanks to the ladies at Hanna & Co. for their time and effort in helping Social Media Butterflies promote Breast Cancer Awareness!

So where did Justin go after getting his new do?  To the local radio station’s remote from Downtown Redding of course!  The DJ from Power 94 was doing a 38 hour live broadcast to raise money for the Shasta Women’s Refuge and helped to raise over $80,000 to support another worthy cause!  A big thanks to Justin, Tad Shackles, and the ladies from Hanna & Co!!